On this page you will find astrological descriptions of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.

Knowing the symbolic language of the planets along with the zodiac signs can help you draw your own conclusions on how each planet’s energy is operating through your chart.

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Earth ⊕

The Earth is an important planet in astrology as it is a focal point for our perspective. The zodiac and planets that move through this backdrop are all taken from an Earth centered viewpoint. It is possible to place the Earth in your birth chart, it will be exactly opposite your Sun sign at 180 degrees away.

It demonstrates where you are grounded and what ideas you are anchored to in this life. There is something very special about the Earth in your chart because it is where the blueprint of an astrology charts first begins. The Earth is the place where the structure of the entire chart is set up; house system, horizons, mid-heaven, and descendent point come together. As above, so below.

The Moon ☽

Evolutionary astrology pins the Moon as one’s ego. It is symbolic of your instincts, reactions, and emotions. The cycles and phases of the Moon are a very important aspect in astrology and horoscope creation. The phase you were born under, the sign it was in, and the house placement speak to your deepest nourishment needs.

It can also indicate information on past lives or past situations in your present life. Family dynamics, parental relationships, and ancestry are often seen in the archetypes the Moon is operating through. The Moon is representative of your ego in that it shows where we are vulnerable and where in our lives we try to maintain security through emotional, self-deluded, or “this is just me” types of statements.

The Moon is a core aspect of our being and very important to our evolutionary development. If we can understand better the emotional component of our relationship to our Moon signs we can gain a deeper insight into our instinctual behaviors.

The Sun ☉

The Sun is brilliant but it also casts shadows. The solar point in your chart is a very powerful placement in astrology, as we can see from years worth of popular Sun Sign horoscopes (I am a fan of the Sun sign horoscope).

The Sun is symbolic of our search for enlightenment, self-knowing, and self-identity. Getting to know your Sun sign is like getting to the know the archetypes you operate with in life. It shows you who you are on a deep archetypal level and is the light in the chart. It represents the person you are becoming but also the person you are presently.

Thanks to humanistic and psychological astrology we have a detailed personality profile for each zodiac sign the Sun occupies. The Sun is the view in which we see the physical world, it is how we rationalize, it is symbolic of who we are.

Mercury ☿

Mercury is the planet of communication. It has several retrograde cycles per year which seem to play a role in understanding this exceptionally deep planet. Where on the surface Mercury may appear to represent exterior aspects of life such as speech, language, and information; it is truly a guide into the rich interiors of our being.

Mercury is symbolic of a psychopomp; which is a being that is able to traverse multiple planes of existence. As our psychopomp guide, this planet, can take us into our underworld, the far reaches our psyche, or deep into our soul wounds. Mercury represents all aspects of communication, learning styles, and information processing. This planet shows us how we take in data, facts, and experiences. It deeply shows us how we can travel to the deepest layers of ourselves. When we are in touch with our Mercury expression we are better able to articulate what our personal experience feels like.

We are capable of finding the words, doorways, and keys into many avenues of thought. Mercury is symbolic of analysis, psychic information, and language. The placement of this planet in your chart points to where you need to look deeper, it is the compass on your birth chart map; showing you where the key aspects of your being are waiting to be explained, explored, articulated, written about, and processed.

Venus ♀︎

Venus is the principle of attraction and repulsion. It is the planet of love and sweetness. Wherever Venus is placed in your chart is symbolic of who and what you are drawn towards. It can imply information about artistic ability, taste, and aesthetics. Venus can also lend you insight into your sexuality.

The archetypes behind this planet allow for a deep exploration of why you are attracted to the people and things you are attracted to. Exploring your Venus sign can help you better understand your taste in art, food, people, places, creative projects, social groups, environment, politics, and education. It is consumption oriented and somewhat discerning. Venus would like to try things in order to see how it goes. This planet may symbolize how willing you are to experiment or how safe you tend to keep things. Your feelings of attraction often cannot be explained in Mercurial means but operates more on an emotional level.

When you fall in love there is often something more cosmic at play happening within your being that is hard to articulate. Venus is symbolic of all the things you love and also all the things you dislike. This planet lends insight into how you like to be liked, how much you rely on social approval, and to some extent your tendency to indulge in sweets, sex, and feel good activities.

Mars ♂︎

Mars is symbolic of what drives and motivates you. It represents how likely you are to turn aggressive, display a temper, or keep that part of yourself in strict order. Mars is representative of your wild side, your sex drive, and temperament.

As a path to understanding yourself better, your Mars house and sign are key. It points to urges and desires you impulsively fall prey to. This is your fight planet, which can also imply a deep core desire to be non-violent. It represents how you fight, what causes you become passionate about, and who you have a tendency to be in opposition with.

Mars represents your deepest internal drives towards achieving what you want in life. It is symbolic of the energy you have to put towards your passions, goals, and desires. Wherever Mars is in your birth chart will give you more insight into the how or action of going after what you want will be expressed.

Jupiter ♃

Jupiter is symbolic of faith, belief, and excess. This planet, associated with the Greek god Zeus, is an authority planet. It can show you what aspects of life you will find luck and success in but also demonstrates where you may have a tendency to go too far.

Jupiter is representative of overabundance and indulgences. It represents what you cannot get enough of; whether that be drugs, conflict, likes on social media, money, success, and anything else you desire. Jupiter is often symbolic of fame, leadership skills, or recognition whether wanted or not. This planet will help you better understand your relationship to money.

An exploration of Jupiter will also help you dive into your relationship with spirituality, religion, and consciousness. Expansion is the keyword when referring to the billowing energy of this planet. Look to the sign and house placement for a better understanding of what and where Jupiter symbolizes growth and excess in your life.

Saturn ♄

Saturn is symbolic of authority both external and internal. Where Saturn is in your chart will help speak to your expression of responsibility, duty, and karma. This planet is so important to the human experience and our life cycles. It is symbolic of crystallization and manifestation in the physical aspects of our lives.

Saturn confronts us head on through real life situations, struggles, and obstacles. Working with this planet gives you a much greater sense of where and what your limitations are and the tools to work with them. Saturn is associated with time, the Devil, and physical life; which is why it is a stark reminder of our existence. It is letting us know this is the time you have, now how are you going to spend it?

In the chart, Saturn can help illuminate further our relationship to our parents, authority figures, and with societal structure and expectations. It can be symbolic of past karmic patterns which are at play underneath the surface of lives. Saturn in astrology is symbolic of our teachers, lessons, and ultimately the shadows we need to confront and integrate into our psyche and soul.

Neptune ♆

Neptune is symbolic of our dreams and fantasies. Where Neptune is in our charts is where we tend to get confused or create delusions about ourselves and our lives. Due to its fluid nature it often leads to the creation of astounding works of art, music, poetry, and fashion.

It is symbolic of glamour, of a longing for the unobtainable something we have trouble putting into words. Look to your natal Neptune placement for deeper insights into your dream life and the role dreams play in understanding your waking self. This planet represents where we tend to delude ourselves, constructing brilliant fantasies about who and what we are. It is spiritual, mystic, and psychic in nature; helping us get in touch with our intuitive abilities.

Neptune shows us where we fall victim to other’s. We can fall trap to the idea of romance, a movement, or belief system; seduced by the fantasy. Neptune is also symbolic of substance use and escapism; which is highly individual and different for each person. In looking at this planet you can get a better sense of what delusions you are prone to create.

Uranus ♅

Uranus is our higher mind, the fast processing of information, rebellion, and trauma. It is symbolic of where in our lives we have found tragedy, catastrophe, and sometimes genius.

Uranus is somewhat chaotic in nature but also highly rational in that there is always a reason for the chaos. It can give us information on how our minds function; how ideas get sparked within us. In evolutionary astrology, particularly the work of Mark Jones, Uranus is seen as a point of trauma or major events in our lives and past lives that have shaped our current existence.

Uranus is a powerful planet in the chart which disrupts the status quo. It is the energy behind which we choose to rebel or break free from the prescribed notions of who we are or have been given. Uranus represents the future, trends, and electricity; often shocking us into awareness through a wide variety of life experiences.

Pluto ♇

Pluto is a key planet in evolutionary astrology and the subject of many books and discourse in astrology. This planet, which has officially been demoted to a minor planet by the astronomy community, is representative of entire generations due to its very slow transit through the zodiac (approximately 248 years).

In order to get an individual perspective of this planet, it is best to look at the house placement and aspects to Pluto, because Pluto stays in each zodiac sign for so long. Pluto is symbolic of your deepest secrets and compulsions at a core level. It gets down to your DNA, to generational karma, to deep seeded issues. Pluto is rooted in the idea that it brings slow transformational energy, it allows aspects of yourself to die or be integrated, and a new raw sense of self to be reborn.

At your deepest or highest parts of yourself exists Plutonian energy, waiting to be encountered by your conscious self. The slow work, both on an individual and societal level, that Pluto represents happens over lifetimes, it is beyond the physical world, instead taking place on an almost cosmic playing field. Coming into contact with Plutonian energy is truly facing your shadows. It is a deep realization and recognition of your desire to evolve through unifying all parts of self.

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