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My Process~ I believe all people are unique and relate to the world we live in based on their personal perspectives and experiences. I use my heart centered intuition along with the information gleaned from your chart to read as accurately and honestly as possible in order to speak to your highest potential. Readings are meant to guide us on our path not give us concrete answers. Everything is in constant flux and what may be true for you today will not be true for you tomorrow. A reading helps you understand yourself in the context of the bigger picture, meeting you where you are at in this present moment


Natal Chart & Transit Reading~ In this reading I will explore the unique person you are while delving into the different facets of your psyche in order to assist you in understanding yourself more deeply. We will explore your talents, personal strengths and gifts, likes/dislikes, and more. I will gently explore your shadow sides and how to integrate all aspects of yourself through an evolutionary astrology perspective. I will offer an in depth look into how you relate to your spirituality, looking at elements in your chart to help you understand your spiritual gifts, soul’s purpose, and your connection to spirit. You may ask specific questions, which I will analyze against current planetary transits and explore the timing in which you may most effectively harness the universal energy that is available to you. – 1 hour-

How To Book Your Reading: Email me using the contact form below. Include your birth date, the exact time of birth, and exact location of your birth along with your availability (readings are offered on Fridays and Saturdays). I will then confirm your booking time via e-mail.* Payment is made after booking is confirmed.**

*Readings are available on Skype or in person (Columbia Gorge, Oregon). Payment is to be made at least 1 day prior for readings via Skype please. Cash is accepted for in person readings at the time of service. Price includes the hour long consultation and time spent prior to your reading preparing and analyzing and your chart. Sorry I am unable to provide any refunds.

**1 Hour Natal Chart & Transit Reading- $50.00
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