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Why get an astrology reading?

An astrology reading can help guide you during  intense times of change, provide insight into your past, validation for your spiritual experiences, and function as a tool for accessing your soul’s purpose. My readings allow for a shift in consciousness. Using my heart-centered intuition and the spiritual information uncovered in your chart; I read as accurately and honestly as possible in order to speak to your highest potential. 220px-John_Collier_-_Priestess_of_DelphiThe purpose of my readings are to guide you on your path and bring you a deeper more profound sense of self-love, self-knowledge, direction, and healing.

What to Expect during a reading

Prior to your reading I will have spent ample time getting to know your Birth Chart and will have developed a guide map of the direction for your reading. I will start the reading by explaining my process and then we will begin exploring your unique chart together. At this point I consider the reading space to be sacred and I am fully focused on getting you the information the universe wants you to have in that present moment. As we explore your chart you are free to ask questions, comment, write things down, or not say anything at all. I create a confidential reading space for you where you can feel free to express, discuss, question, release, and be without judgement.

Thank you for your interest in working with me!

Special Notes

Readings are available on Skype. Payment is made at the time of booking. Please pay very close attention to the time-zone on the booking site, e-mail me directly at if you need assistance with booking.

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Please fill out the birth data information when booking your reading, thank you!