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Why get a reading? 

A reading allows for a shift in consciousness. My approach is heart-centered and intuitive in order to speak to your highest potential. The purpose of a reading is meant to guide you on your path and bring you a more profound sense of self-love, self-knowledge, and life direction.

Using the guide map of the astrological chart combined with your sacred energy it is possible to get to the heart of a matter and uncover the deep and at times hidden motivations of your psyche, soul, and shadows. The symbols of the chart speak to us on a subconscious level and open us up to new ways of seeing and knowing ourselves.

The most important aspect of an astrology reading is You. The symbolic pattern of your natal chart only comes to life when combined with your mystic energy. For this reason, astrology readings are able to be personalized to your unique circumstances in order to touch on what your soul actually needs to hear at the time.

What to expect during a reading

Prior to your reading I will have spent time getting to know your birth chart in order to develop a starting point for the direction of your reading. I consider the reading space to be sacred and I put my intention towards sensing the information you need in the present moment. My hope is to create a reading space where you can feel free to express, question, discuss, release, and be without judgement.

Things to know 

  • Readings are via Zoom.
  • Please fill out the birth data information when booking your reading
  • Payment is made via PayPal through the booking site at the time of booking
  • Note the time-zone on the booking site
  • E-mail me directly at should you need anything during the booking process or have any questions regarding my services.

Thank you for your interest in working with me!

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Get to know your Astrologer!

My astrological practice is not meant to be used in place of medical and/or professional help. ♡

Testimonials + Reviews

“Emma gave me the best reading!!! She even made me my own chart. Very accurate, she makes you feel whole again.” ~J~

“I recently booked a Soul Purpose Reading with Emma via Skype. She was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable during our skype session. Emma enlightened my view of myself, my needs, wants and what I was ultimately trying to gain from our session together. She was easy to engage with and answered any questions I had, and was willing to further explore areas that I needed a deeper understanding of. I have to say that she was spot on about everything she told me!! I am getting married in less than a year and I have been getting “cold feet”. Our session together helped me to remember to self- love and put more importance on my own needs and what it is that I am looking for. Through this session I have been able to alleviate some of my anxiety and I feel more in tune with myself. I would highly recommend for everyone to book a session with Emma.”  ~A~

“My reading with Emma Lynn was insightful and healing.  Her ability to interpret my chart and help me uncover what I need to let go in order to live my soul purpose is life changing!  Thank you, Emma Lynn for bringing me to such awareness.” ~B

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  1. I recently did a reading with Emma and was amazed at what she told me, it was as if she were a long time friend giving me advice. This was no generic reading. She was very insightful, and spoke to my soul.
    I Highly recommend you book a reading. While you’re at it book a reading for a friend makes a great gift. Rose

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