The 3rd the house in the chart is the space of Goddess energy and community. In this house we make connections, share with our neighbors, and experience our immediate environments. We go to elementary school and begin developing our personalities in relation to our earliest forms of social programming. This house has a fate element […]

January 1st 2018 Monthly Horoscopes Read for your Sun sign or Rising sign. Pisces ♓︎ This year starts off with a beautiful water trine involving Neptune’s journey through Pisces. The Cancer full moon energy at the beginning of the month brings a shamanic creativity to your spiritual practice. Now more than ever you desire discipline […]

Read the horoscope for your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign. For a copy of your natal chart use the website Pisces ♓︎ The misty foggy energy is palpable as you are entering into a powerful time of ritual and magic. It is time now to explore your subconscious mind, to look deep into the […]

September 2017 Evolve-Scopes Pisces ♓︎ Those you had soul contracts with in past incarnations are joining you on journey at this time. It may be subtle but pay attention to new people who enter your life or are already in your life that stir tension in you. Those that spark your creativity or bring you […]

Traditionally the 2nd house in astrology represents your possessions and ability to make money. With the advent of psychological astrology the meaning of the houses evolved and the 2nd hosue grew to include your values and how you value yourself. This is the house of the “selfs” self-love, self-esteem, self-care, and self-hatred. A strong second […]