Update + Readings

Important Update! Astrology readings are now being booked through my other site emeraldvisions.org

Where I am at in 2021, Name Change, and New Website

My Saturn return is finally over…I can’t decide if I will miss the bombardment of challenges bestowed by Saturn or not. But something really important came out of this past year for me, and that is knowing my spirit has a deep longing to expand the scope of the work I am doing, which needs to include more than astrology.

In looking back over the period of my Saturn return, there were a lot of tumultuous and uprooting events for me, but they all happened against an eerily quiet backdrop of seeming stagnation as things unfolded slowly for me in ways I did not anticipate. For one thing, I have changed my first name to Raphael–but it is a long process and updating my freelance clients, accounts, email, and everything else is taking time. I am also going through a divorce and once that is finalized, my last name will be different as well.

As transiting Uranus is crossing through my 1st House Taurus in a square with my natal Venus and Midheaven in the 10th House Aquarius, I feel compelled to be myself in the world with more authenticity.

I have also been processing how I have been gatekeeping the full expression of my own queer identity. So as I head further into 2021, I am focusing on being more of myself and doing more of the spiritual work that brings my spirit and self into evolving oneness.

So with all of that said, I will still be writing astrology articles on this site and have every intention of getting back to a regular writing schedule very soon! But astrology readings along with other psychic and spirit art services can now be booked through my site: emeraldvisions.org

I invite you to visit Emerald Visions to get to know me better and explore my visionary artwork…Hope to see you over there!